Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Food for thought: Insurance companies are the evil in health care.

Food for thought: Insurance companies are the evil in health care.: About our health care,what can I say,I'm 62 I've had health care thru the company I own,for thirty years I provided my employees with health...

Insurance companies are the evil in health care.

About our health care,what can I say,I'm 62 I've had health care thru the company I own,for thirty years I provided my employees with health care coverage,which my company paid for,entirely. I felt it was important to provide health care coverage,since it is so important to know if you become sick and need care,the last thing you should worry about is being able to afford your care. Well guess what the insurance industry is playing games with our care.my company has always paid for health care never late with our payments,always got a yearly increase and paid those increases,and making sure the coverage remained the same,and now that I personally need the coverage they have stuck it up my ass.

Here is my story which I'm sure most of our citizens can relate to. In May of 2011 I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer,which was discovered after my annual mammogram. On May 10 I had a partial mastectomy. After my surgery I needed 6 weeks of radiation every day. Prior to the radiation treatments the hospital got the ok from my insurance company,and they were told by Oxford (the freedom plan) that I was 100% covered for my treatment as well as completely covered for the surgery. Ok stay with me on this, the radiation treatments began on July 1st. I had the treatments all summer up to the end of August. During this time the anniversary date came up for my policy with Oxford which was on July 1st. So I called our broker prior to the due date to make sure we renew the policy as is even though the premiums were going up again. I told the broker just renew it again and next year in 2012 we will see if we should change to another carter. So my broker renewed the policy we got the bill with the increase and continued to pay monthly for our coverage. Keep in mind that the hospital called the insurance company in June at which time they were again told with the coverage we had I was 100% covered. Well guess what,in October I received a bill from the hospital for my radiation treatment of almost three thousand dollars,stating that this is what wasn't covered,and I had to pay this amount. Well I went ballistic,I called my broker,and after back and forth with the broker I was told that Oxford,along with almost all health carriers had what is called a forced increase in the premiums,and as a result decided not to cover everything,which was news to me. I said I was never informed of this and if I was before the anniversary date I would have changed the policy to cover everything. So bottom line my broker wrote an appeal and we waiting for their decision.

This whole ordeal is has been unbelievable. How can an insurance company decide with out notification that your policy has been changed eliminating certain coverage and not covering the entire cost of my radiation which was needed to prevent the return of my cancer.

Once again you do the right thing,you pay your bills on time,you provide health insurance for your entire staff and you get fucked up the ass. When does this stop. If Obama did what he said he was going to do ie universal health care we would not have this type of situation. The insurance companies and the entire industry including the medical profession is destroying this country,and the government is allowing it to happen.

Also what came first the doctors and hospital charges that I noticed on my bill were outrageous,over sixty thousand dollars for two months of radiation,and each treatment was less than ten minutes,wow what an hourly rate,and that did not include the surgery. The insurance company paid about forty thousand,what the hell is going on. The charges are padded and the insurance industry knows this so they decided to pass the charges onto the person who needs the care. Yes once again the general public is the one who gets screwed.

Somehow this has to change people need to be treated fairly,the greed is killing us literally. Please Mr Obama if you are president again do the right thing and make sure we have the same coverage you have and we should all be covered equally,health insurance keeps people alive,unless your thoughts are well older people are to expensive to keep alive. We need help to pay for our medical treatment,either get the medical profession in line or the insurance industry, both are to blame for all of this. I would not doubt that some people in this country had their lives cut short because they could not afford to stay alive. Please help.thanks for listening.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Food for thought: What Is Going On?

Food for thought: What Is Going On?: What is going on, yes another phrase I frequently shout out loud when listening to the news. It seems to me there is a significant increase ...

What Is Going On?

What is going on, yes another phrase I frequently shout out loud when listening to the news. It seems to me there is a significant increase in brutal murders involving families. Fathers killing their wives and young children,then themselves,mothers killing their children,and then going on tv,hysterical about their missing children. I'm sixty two years old,and I can't remember hearing so much of this type of brutality. I also can't help thinking that the stress of families falling apart,because of the horrendous financial crisis is significantly increasing this type of crime. Every person in this country,with the exception, of the most fortunate,that is the wealthy,are suffering,not knowing how to feed their children,hold on to their homes,keep their jobs ,find a job,all of this is just so overwhelming,I truly believe all of this has contributed to this type of brutal ending. When the security of food on the table,a roof over your families head, is jeapordized,the basics are no longer affordable people snap,and I think that is what is occurring today. I blame most of this on our representatives, the government in general,has stolen the way off life that we held so prescious. Their greed has destroyed the fabric of this country. They have taken away the very basic needs of the American family, all so they can profit while the rest of us lose. I believe the Corporate,and government individuals who perpetrated this whole crisis should be held accountable for their crimes, someone should be held responsible for the state we are in. I wonder how these people sleep at nite,each time they hear the horror stories,of a family being destroyed,a child murdered by a distraught mother or father how the hell do you look at yourself in the mirror and call yourself a human being. There is an old saying " What goes around comes around" do you get it. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Food for thought: Answer The Question

Food for thought: Answer The Question: Yes answer the Qusetion, this is a phrase I believe I I shout at my TV at least once a day if not more. One of the most frustrating situatio...

Answer The Question

Yes answer the Qusetion, this is a phrase I believe I I shout at my TV at least once a day if not more. One of the most frustrating situations I encounter involves not answering the question. I don't understand nor comprehend why it this is so difficult to do. Also it is so obvious that the individual being asked a question avoids responding by going on a tangent about nothing remotely connected to the question. I recently viewed this happening on CNN with Candy Crawley,she asked a very pointed question to a representative of the Obama administration, and his reply was so out there that Ms. Crawley just looked him straight in the eye and moved on,and this was the third time she asked the same question. I wonder doesn't the individual who is not answering the question realize how frustrating it is to listen to such garbage,and also how rude not to respond to a question. I also wondered did Mr. Obama watch this exchange,and if he did wasn't he upset with the reality of the exchange,and how unsettling it is for his constituents to listen to this. You know I ran my own business for almost thirty years,and if one of my clients asked me a question you better know I answered it, I would not want my client to walk away from our conversation wondering what I said. My dream is one day someone like Ms. Crawley will not let the person they are interviewing off the hook and demand that they answer the question,or at least put some pressure on the individual to acknowledge they did not respond to what was asked of them. You know if we answered the questions asked of us by not answering the question,either at work or at home there would be consequences. So we should somehow try and get our politicians to please answer the question, or let them pay the consequences.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Food for thought: A Peaceful Nation

Food for thought: A Peaceful Nation: I just read a comment about my last blog which was about corruption and why we are stuck paying for it,this person asked about wether people...

A Peaceful Nation

I just read a comment about my last blog which was about corruption and why we are stuck paying for it,this person asked about wether people would gather together and demand peace and make the changes we so desperately need, well I hope so and if we keep communicating with each other I think we can get that going.I also like what this person said about bullying and how we have problems handling this issue on a personal level and how do we deal with it on a national level, because I truely believe the government is made up of bullies they were probably bullies as children and I can't imagine what their children are like. The definition of a bully is A person or persons who is habitually cruel or overbearing,especially to smaller or weaker people. A thug, well that pretty muck describes the people who allegedly represent us. We the people of this country must take back our control of our lives and our families lives,we need fairness and compassion for our citizens and it just isn't working the way it is now. The wrong people are handling our affairs,and that is what has to change. We need to get involved and get rid of the kind of government that has developed in front of our eyes. I think in the next election if we can't change things before then, every citizen should refuse to vote if we all chose not to vote that is the kind of statement we need to make, because the problem is so monumental we must do something even more monumental. If we vote for no one then we can possible start making those changes. The choices we have in this next election are made up of the same people we already have running this country that means we have no choice. I'm asking my fellow citizens to come up with ideas of how we can make a statement that we are not going to take it any more. We need to stop the bullying of our families,friends and the citizens of this country,so please let's stop the pain we are putting ourselves through. We have the power,we are the caretakers of this country and world and we need to do a better job. I know we can do this peacefully and with grace so please let's get moving,I'll be waiting for your input,thanks to my friends and neighbors I know we can do this. God bless you all with all my heart el.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Food for thought: Why Are We Paying The Price?

Food for thought: Why Are We Paying The Price?: Yes why are we paying the price for the failure of our government, for the corrupt,inept leaders, for the lies and down right criminal acts,...

Why Are We Paying The Price?

Yes why are we paying the price for the failure of our government, for the corrupt,inept leaders, for the lies and down right criminal acts,they have committed? I'll admit we have some responsibility,we sort of allowed it to happen,however we were lied to, money was taken away from us, with the promise things will get better. So maybe we are guilty of being naive but the ones who got us here should pay for what they have done to the citizens of this country. I still have no idea why no one has been put in prison for destroying our economy,and there are so many who were responsible. There are families who can't afford to feed their children,keep a roof over their heads,there are families,children,and citizens of this country living in tents in the woods because they lost their homes,not because they fucked up,they followed the rules, paid their taxes,had good jobs and worked hard and they got fucked,by the people who were hired to handle our countries interest,so to make a better life for everyone. Well guess what we hired crooks who should now be paying for what has happened,and now there is a bunch of other crooks who say hire me and things will get better. This country has to stand up to the bullies we have in the government and say no more,no more will you steal from us,lie to us and destroy our way of life. We have to stop paying the price for the criminal acts of others. I hope we all gather up the energy of the great people of this country the everyday citizen and make the changes we need to make to get what we all deserve a decent way of life. God bless us and give us the strength to do what we need to do to make a kinder world.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Food for thought: Public Financing versus Corporate / Government Cor...

Food for thought: Public Financing versus Corporate / Government Cor...: Well the title says it all,this is most likely the biggest reason we are where we are today.Corporations run this country thru their private...

Public Financing versus Corporate / Government Corruption

Well the title says it all,this is most likely the biggest reason we are where we are today.Corporations run this country thru their private,bought representatives, you scratch my back and I'll take care of you. This basic corrupt practice goes on everywhere, in business in government,in life and it's not something to be proud of. This government keeps reminding us what a great country we are well yeah if you are part of the greed and wealth of our public officials sure it's a great country,because you assholes are getting all the benefits and the rest of us struggle as well as suffer thru so much all at the hands of our leaders. I have a great friend who commented on my blog on honesty and she was right on,there are so many countries that actually take care of their people,especially when it comes to health care. This country has to rethink healthcare,everyone should have the same wether you are wealthy or poor or middle class no one should be left out in the cold. Treatment for the ill should not be considered big business,however in this country that's all what its about. Pharmaceutical companies run the health care in this country,along with the lining of the pockets of key members of our government this is just so wrong,how do these people sleep at nite. Taking care of children,the elderly,and people who need medical care and tretment should not have to worry about the quality of their lives because of greed and big business. We can learn from some other countries,however because of our arrogance, thinking we are the best, this will be a difficult task. You know taking care of our people should not be something we have to think about it should just come naturally in a civilized society,so what happened. Mr Obama you sought of sold us down the river when it came to healthcare and I'm was so disappointed when that happened. This past weekend there was a protest on wall street I saw a lot of young people protesting greed,corporate and government corruption and was I proud,however my age group has to also get involved so please all of us must join in to make these changes and so we can be a proud nation again. Everyone we need to pick a weekend to march to Washington and get those changes started, by voicing our feelings,and making sure our public officials hear us loud and clear. This country needs to get involved, so many other countries have gotten their voices heard so let's learn from them. I want to thank my dear friend for her input,you're the best. Till next time el

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Food for thought: Honesty.

Food for thought: Honesty.: Yesterday I was watching the evening news,when I heard a CEO answer a question,the CEO of Catapilar was asked how and what can the governmen...


Yesterday I was watching the evening news,when I heard a CEO answer a question,the CEO of Catapilar was asked how and what can the government do to improve the economy,his answer "be honest" the government has to be honest with the people. Well that would be quite a task for our government, if they were honest with us most of them would be serving time in jail. It's so sad and disheartening that you can't use the word honest and government in the same sentence. So I say to the CEO of Catapilar do you practice what you preach,and if so run for office. I think we must start to replace our elected officials not with radical right wing crazies, but with good honest people,however they might not want the job. Anyway I need more time to think about this it's like so monumental the problems are numerous and we need a lot of people to step in and make our country whole again,I know you guys are out there most Americans are compassionate,empathetic and just really good hearted people,so I know we can solve these problems. Oh by the way I saw the second republican debate, wow what can I say,no honesty there.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another thought for today.

I had another thought today and how it may make it more meaningful to honor all who died today on September 11, 2001, this is such a personal day,deep thought , sadness, feeling lost,feeling angry,and just a very introspective day,it should be a National Day of Thought,"and allow everyone to deal with their feelings in their own way,with family,friends who ever and how ever they want to. This is what this day is all about showing feelings of love,caring and a need to make things better for all. Hey leaders give us our day please we all deserve it. Well that was the other thought I had today. God bless all of us my soul feels all of our losses. We will all get thru this together.

A sad weekend for our country.

Well it is September 11,2011 and it is as sad as it was 10 years ago. I have a lot of conflicting thoughts about this day. Sometimes I feel like ok let us try to get beyond the horror and sadness of this day however it is almost impossible to do since it is talked about by the media for weeks leading up to today. Sometimes I really hate the media, the continuos showing of the sites where the horrors took place it is just to much and what really pisses me off it is all media hype. We should mourn in our own way and not by what is thrown in our faces. I feel there should be dialogue about how we feel who we lost,and not so much about the visual of the disaster. Also there should be open discussion with the general public about where we are today,the two wars that keep reminding us of what happened, and how angry we are that those wars are still going on today. As long as we stay in these wars we will keep the worst memories alive of what we all went thru. This should be a time where our leaders should listen to us instead of us listening to those same politically motivated long winded speeches.

I feel sorrow for our country and what we went thru and what we are still going thru. We can have those feelings without capitalizing on a very sad time. I wish the media would wake up along with our leaders and they should start listening to us they might learn something. I truly believe the world would be a safer place if we just show we care and show compassion to the people of this world we have to stop fighting and killing and then and only then will we live in harmony with each other.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am pissed.

Well as you can see the title says it all. A few things are on my mind today,one I was asked today why are things so harder today then in the 50's,so what came into my mind was family,strange but true. I thought good and sometimes not so good family was very impotent back in the 50's I'm 62 and I remember walking home from school with my brother and sister and mom was home,we felt safe even if she was in a bad mood. Now no one is home and things have gone down hill slowly. Moms were really important to the family structure and that is gone,kids come home to an empty house or to a stranger,just doesn't feel right. Then I got pissed because our leaders caused this,they sold us down the river. They stole our hard earned money and used it for their own greedy life style along with all their cronies. They caused families to break up the structure,that is so needed,by forcing both parents to work long hours away from their children. Since the 50's the generations of children without mom at home has resulted in very angry lost and sad era,resulting in violence,extreme poverty,and basically a very stressed out world. This country is so angry and we have our leaders to thank. Our leaders have put such fear in us, that we just keep paying them like the mob, however the mob when they got stepped on they took the one person out,when the government is upset with you they take the whole family out,they take your house,your money and then maybe jail.it is a shame what these so called leaders have done to all of us. Ok I've carried on enough and I'm sure you all get the picture. But one more thing I keep hearing in the media he or she still suffers from PTSD after ten years wow are we surprised this entire country has been suffering from some depression since sept. 11 and our leaders have never addressed this I guess it may cost money and oh that would be less for them and their friends,but I believe this is the case what happened on sept 11 has had a very deep effect on all of us,it took away that light we all have and we haven't gotten it back since,I think this has added to the violence and anger we all see and at times experience. This must be addressed so we can all move on but not forget. We can't wait for our leaders to help because they only help themselves,bring back our lives the way we knew it to be and let's get back to basics,caring and taking care of each other we need to change