Monday, September 19, 2011

Public Financing versus Corporate / Government Corruption

Well the title says it all,this is most likely the biggest reason we are where we are today.Corporations run this country thru their private,bought representatives, you scratch my back and I'll take care of you. This basic corrupt practice goes on everywhere, in business in government,in life and it's not something to be proud of. This government keeps reminding us what a great country we are well yeah if you are part of the greed and wealth of our public officials sure it's a great country,because you assholes are getting all the benefits and the rest of us struggle as well as suffer thru so much all at the hands of our leaders. I have a great friend who commented on my blog on honesty and she was right on,there are so many countries that actually take care of their people,especially when it comes to health care. This country has to rethink healthcare,everyone should have the same wether you are wealthy or poor or middle class no one should be left out in the cold. Treatment for the ill should not be considered big business,however in this country that's all what its about. Pharmaceutical companies run the health care in this country,along with the lining of the pockets of key members of our government this is just so wrong,how do these people sleep at nite. Taking care of children,the elderly,and people who need medical care and tretment should not have to worry about the quality of their lives because of greed and big business. We can learn from some other countries,however because of our arrogance, thinking we are the best, this will be a difficult task. You know taking care of our people should not be something we have to think about it should just come naturally in a civilized society,so what happened. Mr Obama you sought of sold us down the river when it came to healthcare and I'm was so disappointed when that happened. This past weekend there was a protest on wall street I saw a lot of young people protesting greed,corporate and government corruption and was I proud,however my age group has to also get involved so please all of us must join in to make these changes and so we can be a proud nation again. Everyone we need to pick a weekend to march to Washington and get those changes started, by voicing our feelings,and making sure our public officials hear us loud and clear. This country needs to get involved, so many other countries have gotten their voices heard so let's learn from them. I want to thank my dear friend for her input,you're the best. Till next time el

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  1. Hey,
    I think Obama is smarter than all of us. He’s going to tax the very rich more thus making them panic and want to divert his attention elsewhere. They will OK whatever else he wants to do just so he doesn’t touch their precious money and hooker access. I want to believe he’s playing child like games with the assholes up on top. What do you think?
    We don’t live in a dictatorship and you know, sometimes it would be easier to get an OK if he was the only one making the decisions. I’ve learned that president is just a title with a paycheck and someone to blame if shit goes wrong. He’s nothing more than a puppet with a bunch of hands up his ass making him dance. Sad, but true.

    Xo Sandra.