Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am pissed.

Well as you can see the title says it all. A few things are on my mind today,one I was asked today why are things so harder today then in the 50's,so what came into my mind was family,strange but true. I thought good and sometimes not so good family was very impotent back in the 50's I'm 62 and I remember walking home from school with my brother and sister and mom was home,we felt safe even if she was in a bad mood. Now no one is home and things have gone down hill slowly. Moms were really important to the family structure and that is gone,kids come home to an empty house or to a stranger,just doesn't feel right. Then I got pissed because our leaders caused this,they sold us down the river. They stole our hard earned money and used it for their own greedy life style along with all their cronies. They caused families to break up the structure,that is so needed,by forcing both parents to work long hours away from their children. Since the 50's the generations of children without mom at home has resulted in very angry lost and sad era,resulting in violence,extreme poverty,and basically a very stressed out world. This country is so angry and we have our leaders to thank. Our leaders have put such fear in us, that we just keep paying them like the mob, however the mob when they got stepped on they took the one person out,when the government is upset with you they take the whole family out,they take your house,your money and then maybe is a shame what these so called leaders have done to all of us. Ok I've carried on enough and I'm sure you all get the picture. But one more thing I keep hearing in the media he or she still suffers from PTSD after ten years wow are we surprised this entire country has been suffering from some depression since sept. 11 and our leaders have never addressed this I guess it may cost money and oh that would be less for them and their friends,but I believe this is the case what happened on sept 11 has had a very deep effect on all of us,it took away that light we all have and we haven't gotten it back since,I think this has added to the violence and anger we all see and at times experience. This must be addressed so we can all move on but not forget. We can't wait for our leaders to help because they only help themselves,bring back our lives the way we knew it to be and let's get back to basics,caring and taking care of each other we need to change

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