Sunday, September 11, 2011

A sad weekend for our country.

Well it is September 11,2011 and it is as sad as it was 10 years ago. I have a lot of conflicting thoughts about this day. Sometimes I feel like ok let us try to get beyond the horror and sadness of this day however it is almost impossible to do since it is talked about by the media for weeks leading up to today. Sometimes I really hate the media, the continuos showing of the sites where the horrors took place it is just to much and what really pisses me off it is all media hype. We should mourn in our own way and not by what is thrown in our faces. I feel there should be dialogue about how we feel who we lost,and not so much about the visual of the disaster. Also there should be open discussion with the general public about where we are today,the two wars that keep reminding us of what happened, and how angry we are that those wars are still going on today. As long as we stay in these wars we will keep the worst memories alive of what we all went thru. This should be a time where our leaders should listen to us instead of us listening to those same politically motivated long winded speeches.

I feel sorrow for our country and what we went thru and what we are still going thru. We can have those feelings without capitalizing on a very sad time. I wish the media would wake up along with our leaders and they should start listening to us they might learn something. I truly believe the world would be a safer place if we just show we care and show compassion to the people of this world we have to stop fighting and killing and then and only then will we live in harmony with each other.

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