Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Are We Paying The Price?

Yes why are we paying the price for the failure of our government, for the corrupt,inept leaders, for the lies and down right criminal acts,they have committed? I'll admit we have some responsibility,we sort of allowed it to happen,however we were lied to, money was taken away from us, with the promise things will get better. So maybe we are guilty of being naive but the ones who got us here should pay for what they have done to the citizens of this country. I still have no idea why no one has been put in prison for destroying our economy,and there are so many who were responsible. There are families who can't afford to feed their children,keep a roof over their heads,there are families,children,and citizens of this country living in tents in the woods because they lost their homes,not because they fucked up,they followed the rules, paid their taxes,had good jobs and worked hard and they got fucked,by the people who were hired to handle our countries interest,so to make a better life for everyone. Well guess what we hired crooks who should now be paying for what has happened,and now there is a bunch of other crooks who say hire me and things will get better. This country has to stand up to the bullies we have in the government and say no more,no more will you steal from us,lie to us and destroy our way of life. We have to stop paying the price for the criminal acts of others. I hope we all gather up the energy of the great people of this country the everyday citizen and make the changes we need to make to get what we all deserve a decent way of life. God bless us and give us the strength to do what we need to do to make a kinder world.

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  1. Go El for president!! I'd vote for you in a heartbeat.
    We deal with bullies every day in the work force. If we can't stand up to the ones around us, how can we stand up to the big gov giant. They will protect their turf like rabid dogs. I wonder what their children think of them. I try to live my life making sure my kids grow up to respect and think well of me. These gov officials don't seem to have a care about that. This means the next generation of politicians since it seems children follow their going to suck even more ass.

    If we made a video about world peace do you think the anyone would sign up?