Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Answer The Question

Yes answer the Qusetion, this is a phrase I believe I I shout at my TV at least once a day if not more. One of the most frustrating situations I encounter involves not answering the question. I don't understand nor comprehend why it this is so difficult to do. Also it is so obvious that the individual being asked a question avoids responding by going on a tangent about nothing remotely connected to the question. I recently viewed this happening on CNN with Candy Crawley,she asked a very pointed question to a representative of the Obama administration, and his reply was so out there that Ms. Crawley just looked him straight in the eye and moved on,and this was the third time she asked the same question. I wonder doesn't the individual who is not answering the question realize how frustrating it is to listen to such garbage,and also how rude not to respond to a question. I also wondered did Mr. Obama watch this exchange,and if he did wasn't he upset with the reality of the exchange,and how unsettling it is for his constituents to listen to this. You know I ran my own business for almost thirty years,and if one of my clients asked me a question you better know I answered it, I would not want my client to walk away from our conversation wondering what I said. My dream is one day someone like Ms. Crawley will not let the person they are interviewing off the hook and demand that they answer the question,or at least put some pressure on the individual to acknowledge they did not respond to what was asked of them. You know if we answered the questions asked of us by not answering the question,either at work or at home there would be consequences. So we should somehow try and get our politicians to please answer the question, or let them pay the consequences.

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