Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yesterday I was watching the evening news,when I heard a CEO answer a question,the CEO of Catapilar was asked how and what can the government do to improve the economy,his answer "be honest" the government has to be honest with the people. Well that would be quite a task for our government, if they were honest with us most of them would be serving time in jail. It's so sad and disheartening that you can't use the word honest and government in the same sentence. So I say to the CEO of Catapilar do you practice what you preach,and if so run for office. I think we must start to replace our elected officials not with radical right wing crazies, but with good honest people,however they might not want the job. Anyway I need more time to think about this it's like so monumental the problems are numerous and we need a lot of people to step in and make our country whole again,I know you guys are out there most Americans are compassionate,empathetic and just really good hearted people,so I know we can solve these problems. Oh by the way I saw the second republican debate, wow what can I say,no honesty there.

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  1. I find that it's hard to please everyone. I see posts on my facebook from "friends" and they say such horrible things about immigrants...I'm like HELLOOO have you met me? I'm not sure if everyone can handle the truth. The US is getting a taste of what the rest of the world has lived with for years and years. Everyone has to cut down on their spending, and actually START to pay attention to what the government is doing and speak up. It will take guts for everyone to stand up to the corrupt government officials. Again, I've not seen here what I've seen back home yet. South America has some really f'ed up gov. officials. Here cheating is news, there cheating is the least of their issues.

    Don't get me started on healthcare, my paycheck suffers and yet $50 to get a wart remove on my daughters hand (+ whatever they charge the ins. co). My sister in law gets all that shit for free with the same drs sometimes due to her gov help. If you work you are screwed. No wonder so many people take advantage of the gov help.

    Love that you are blogging.