Friday, September 23, 2011

A Peaceful Nation

I just read a comment about my last blog which was about corruption and why we are stuck paying for it,this person asked about wether people would gather together and demand peace and make the changes we so desperately need, well I hope so and if we keep communicating with each other I think we can get that going.I also like what this person said about bullying and how we have problems handling this issue on a personal level and how do we deal with it on a national level, because I truely believe the government is made up of bullies they were probably bullies as children and I can't imagine what their children are like. The definition of a bully is A person or persons who is habitually cruel or overbearing,especially to smaller or weaker people. A thug, well that pretty muck describes the people who allegedly represent us. We the people of this country must take back our control of our lives and our families lives,we need fairness and compassion for our citizens and it just isn't working the way it is now. The wrong people are handling our affairs,and that is what has to change. We need to get involved and get rid of the kind of government that has developed in front of our eyes. I think in the next election if we can't change things before then, every citizen should refuse to vote if we all chose not to vote that is the kind of statement we need to make, because the problem is so monumental we must do something even more monumental. If we vote for no one then we can possible start making those changes. The choices we have in this next election are made up of the same people we already have running this country that means we have no choice. I'm asking my fellow citizens to come up with ideas of how we can make a statement that we are not going to take it any more. We need to stop the bullying of our families,friends and the citizens of this country,so please let's stop the pain we are putting ourselves through. We have the power,we are the caretakers of this country and world and we need to do a better job. I know we can do this peacefully and with grace so please let's get moving,I'll be waiting for your input,thanks to my friends and neighbors I know we can do this. God bless you all with all my heart el.

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