Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Insurance companies are the evil in health care.

About our health care,what can I say,I'm 62 I've had health care thru the company I own,for thirty years I provided my employees with health care coverage,which my company paid for,entirely. I felt it was important to provide health care coverage,since it is so important to know if you become sick and need care,the last thing you should worry about is being able to afford your care. Well guess what the insurance industry is playing games with our care.my company has always paid for health care never late with our payments,always got a yearly increase and paid those increases,and making sure the coverage remained the same,and now that I personally need the coverage they have stuck it up my ass.

Here is my story which I'm sure most of our citizens can relate to. In May of 2011 I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer,which was discovered after my annual mammogram. On May 10 I had a partial mastectomy. After my surgery I needed 6 weeks of radiation every day. Prior to the radiation treatments the hospital got the ok from my insurance company,and they were told by Oxford (the freedom plan) that I was 100% covered for my treatment as well as completely covered for the surgery. Ok stay with me on this, the radiation treatments began on July 1st. I had the treatments all summer up to the end of August. During this time the anniversary date came up for my policy with Oxford which was on July 1st. So I called our broker prior to the due date to make sure we renew the policy as is even though the premiums were going up again. I told the broker just renew it again and next year in 2012 we will see if we should change to another carter. So my broker renewed the policy we got the bill with the increase and continued to pay monthly for our coverage. Keep in mind that the hospital called the insurance company in June at which time they were again told with the coverage we had I was 100% covered. Well guess what,in October I received a bill from the hospital for my radiation treatment of almost three thousand dollars,stating that this is what wasn't covered,and I had to pay this amount. Well I went ballistic,I called my broker,and after back and forth with the broker I was told that Oxford,along with almost all health carriers had what is called a forced increase in the premiums,and as a result decided not to cover everything,which was news to me. I said I was never informed of this and if I was before the anniversary date I would have changed the policy to cover everything. So bottom line my broker wrote an appeal and we waiting for their decision.

This whole ordeal is has been unbelievable. How can an insurance company decide with out notification that your policy has been changed eliminating certain coverage and not covering the entire cost of my radiation which was needed to prevent the return of my cancer.

Once again you do the right thing,you pay your bills on time,you provide health insurance for your entire staff and you get fucked up the ass. When does this stop. If Obama did what he said he was going to do ie universal health care we would not have this type of situation. The insurance companies and the entire industry including the medical profession is destroying this country,and the government is allowing it to happen.

Also what came first the doctors and hospital charges that I noticed on my bill were outrageous,over sixty thousand dollars for two months of radiation,and each treatment was less than ten minutes,wow what an hourly rate,and that did not include the surgery. The insurance company paid about forty thousand,what the hell is going on. The charges are padded and the insurance industry knows this so they decided to pass the charges onto the person who needs the care. Yes once again the general public is the one who gets screwed.

Somehow this has to change people need to be treated fairly,the greed is killing us literally. Please Mr Obama if you are president again do the right thing and make sure we have the same coverage you have and we should all be covered equally,health insurance keeps people alive,unless your thoughts are well older people are to expensive to keep alive. We need help to pay for our medical treatment,either get the medical profession in line or the insurance industry, both are to blame for all of this. I would not doubt that some people in this country had their lives cut short because they could not afford to stay alive. Please help.thanks for listening.

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