Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Is Going On?

What is going on, yes another phrase I frequently shout out loud when listening to the news. It seems to me there is a significant increase in brutal murders involving families. Fathers killing their wives and young children,then themselves,mothers killing their children,and then going on tv,hysterical about their missing children. I'm sixty two years old,and I can't remember hearing so much of this type of brutality. I also can't help thinking that the stress of families falling apart,because of the horrendous financial crisis is significantly increasing this type of crime. Every person in this country,with the exception, of the most fortunate,that is the wealthy,are suffering,not knowing how to feed their children,hold on to their homes,keep their jobs ,find a job,all of this is just so overwhelming,I truly believe all of this has contributed to this type of brutal ending. When the security of food on the table,a roof over your families head, is jeapordized,the basics are no longer affordable people snap,and I think that is what is occurring today. I blame most of this on our representatives, the government in general,has stolen the way off life that we held so prescious. Their greed has destroyed the fabric of this country. They have taken away the very basic needs of the American family, all so they can profit while the rest of us lose. I believe the Corporate,and government individuals who perpetrated this whole crisis should be held accountable for their crimes, someone should be held responsible for the state we are in. I wonder how these people sleep at nite,each time they hear the horror stories,of a family being destroyed,a child murdered by a distraught mother or father how the hell do you look at yourself in the mirror and call yourself a human being. There is an old saying " What goes around comes around" do you get it. Thanks for listening.

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